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DO YOU HAVE SMALL BUSINESS Email Lists ? Do you have time to send a single page Letter (138Kb-PNG format)

We wish we were you ! Time is money.Send out the letter you see here to as many Small Businesses as you wish.

Every Small Business that starts using the Zero Cost to the Client Business Service as provided by ArchimedesEnRich LLC , because of an email sent through you we will pay you $1.25

Every time the Client uses the Zero Cost to the Client Business Service you get paidagain and again- for as long as they remain a Client.

Know someone who can do this type of work? You connect them to us and we will connect you to every Client that they cause to start using the Zero Cost to the Client Business Service.. Every time they get paid $1.25  YOU will be paid $0.40 again and again.

We suggest not wasting any time. There are only 26,000,000 Small Businesses in the United .States. We can only allow one $1.25 person to be connected to each Client.         The information to be emailed ( letter ) to be sent by email is SHOWN BELOW 


We did a Survey of Small Businesses and asked these 3 questions – got a fairly common reply

  1. Have you ever had a ”problem” business or person owe you money and was it difficult to get payment?
  2. Were you satisfied in how it finally turned out? DID YOU GET PAID IN FULL with No hard feelings on EITHER side?
  3. If someone could have completely handled that for you at Zero Cost to you would you have used them?
  4. Many said “ there is this account - a real pain in the buttocks – if we can get them to pay us-- we can get anyone to pay us”

The Zero Cost to the Client Business Service -Successfully working for Small Businesses for over 10 years.


  1. APPLY – The Summary Invoice – a proven written way to politely establish and “Lock in” what is legitimately owed to you.       There is a SHORT CYCLE to getting RESULTS.  This Zero Cost to the Client Business       Service uses brief, carefully worded, politely stated, inexpensive, verifiable communication techniques. The techniques are applied over approximately 2 weeks.

Our Service People guide you or a person who is a part of your business to send by Regular US Mail suggested information to those people who owe you money, are not paying you as they promised and/or may be just ignoring your attempts to obtain resolution.

  1.  PROTECT – ArchimedesEnRich LLC  “LOCKS IN” their FULL OBLIGATION to you.   PLUS 100% of your costs connected with this Zero Cost to the Client Business Service.

By use of our United States Patented Trademarked language and a proven series of documents, which when we create them for you, MOTIVATE problem people to respond to you directly in writing and generally within a reasonable time – 2 to 3  weeks is usual.

Although uncommon, but when necessary, these documents have successfully and inexpensively  accomplished enforced payment.

  1.  COLLECT – YOU WILL GET what is OWED TO YOU IN FULL - PLUS ALL of your   expenses connected to the Zero Cost to the Client Business Service.

Through the use of a series of proven, polite, brief, inexpensive, carefully, and tactfully written documents, applied over just a 2 week period. Small Business people see the MAJORITY of their problem situations decide to pay, as requested, and generally in a calm way.

This Zero Cost to the Client Business Service has been researched and APPROVED by the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM).since 2009. Their Seal of Approval is proudly displayed on our Website.                                                                                                                                                                                           

  The Zero Cost to the Client Business Service

 delivers what it is guaranteed to do, in writing. Three words does it all FOR THE CLIENT - Apply  Protect  Collect

Senior Citizens

We are currently hiring Senior Citizens to conduct brief marketing Research Surveys.It does require physically visiting Small Businesses and asking 5 questions of the Business Owner.All we ask is that they obtain is, the Name of Business, Who they spoke with, and any email address for us to send a Thank you.

We will be happy to speak with any Senior Citizen that you might be kind enough to share this message with.

We are a Small Business with limited resources but determined to help people where we can.

Any person or business that you might be kind enough to share this message with would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you very much! 

Connecting with Small Business People, like yourself, across the United States, and being able to bring good news about new and successful ways of doing business has been well worth the effort. Thank you from everyone at ArchimedesEnRich.

Charles Teddy - ArchimedesEnRich LLC Administration 


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