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How to Announce a New Employee Via Email (With Template)

Welcoming a new member to your organization is a cause for celebration. As your team expands, take the time to craft a new employee announcement email to ease your new hire’s first-day jitters and introduce them to everyone. It also lets your team get to know its newest addition and understand how they will be contributing.  

If you’re wondering how to welcome a new employee to the team, here’s what you need to know to convey a positive first impression with your welcome message for the new employee. 


What to Include in Your New Hire Email 

New employee announcement emails should be short and sweet, no longer than 200 to 300 words. That’ll provide the necessary information about your new hire and ensure your current employees have time to read it. 

Here’s what you should include: 

  • The new employee’s name 

  • Position, department, and responsibilities 

  • Contact information and where they’ll be sitting 

  • Professional and/or academic background (if the person is a recent graduate, share the college and degree; for a seasoned member of the workforce, mention the last company they worked at and their position there) 

  • Two or three fun facts about their interests or hobbies (ask the new hire to provide these) 

  • An invitation for team members to introduce themselves to the employee either informally or at a more formal event scheduled for the employee’s first day 


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How and When to Announce a New Employee 

Send the email a few days in advance, so your current team knows when to greet the new hire and welcome them in person. It’s also a good idea to CC your new hire so your employees can respond to the message with welcoming replies (encourage them to do so in your announcement, too). 

If you have a small company, you can send the email to the entire staff. If your company is larger and more spread out, direct the new employee announcement email to members of the department and anyone the new hire will be working with directly. 

What Not to Include in a New Hire Email 

You don’t need to include an exhaustive rundown of the employee’s work history or academic achievements. You only need to include information that’s relevant to the new employee’s qualifications, such as their most recent position. When sharing fun facts or personal hobbies, make sure the new hire gives you permission to include those in the email. 


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New Employee Email Templates 

A new employee announcement email should fit your company culture. Keep your tone professional if your culture is more formal. If you have a more relaxed office vibe, use more lighthearted language in your message. 

Below are two new employee announcement samples that you can tailor to your own needs. 


Sample #1 (Best for experienced employees and professional work culture) 

Hello team,

Please join me in welcoming [new hire’s name] to the team. [Name] will be joining the [department name] as a [position title] on [start date]. [Name] will be responsible for [key responsibilities]. 

[Name] is joining us from [previous company], where they served as [previous career title] for [duration of previous job]. [Name] is bringing their extensive experience in [professional expertise] to help the [department name] reach its goals. In their spare time, they enjoy [list hobbies, activities, or “fun facts”]. 

[Name] will be sitting in [workspace location] and can be reached by email at [email address] or phone at [phone number]. Stop by and say hello on [start date]! Welcome to the team, [name]! 


Sample #2 (Best for recent grads and for a laid-back office culture) 

Good morning everyone, 

I am excited to announce that a new member will be joining our team on [start date]. [Name of new hire] will be serving as a [position title] in the [department name]. They will be [describe key responsibilities]. [Name] recently graduated from [college] with a [type of degree], where they also [name any extracurricular activities]. 

On [start date], please stop by the lunchroom to introduce yourself to [name]. We’ll be holding a welcome luncheon to celebrate [name]’s first day. 

In the meantime, feel free to hit “reply all” and welcome [name] on board! 



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By iHire | October 25, 2021