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"I have received many phone calls and interviews from your job site."

Allan G.

"I could not be happier with I got a tremendous feedback in the range of 15 calls the first day and about 30 total. It was more than I could have asked or hoped for. I got the job I wanted on the third interview and thanks again for changing my life. "

Raymond S.

Abingdon, MD
"I liked the quality of leads that came through. I also like the match rating on each job, as well as the dashboard's ease-of-use."

Jeff F.

Twinsburg, OH
"Thank you!!! Because of iHireSalesPeople posting my resume, I received 3 job offers in one day! And because they are "Work out of your Home" positions, I have decided to accept 2 of the jobs! I have wasted my time with employment websites that post jobs and they are already filled. iHireSalesPeople does an excellent job in matching job seekers with employers who will hire you!"

Deborah R.

Fayetteville, NC
"Within twenty four hours of signing up with I received over twenty warm and friendly contacts for a sales job. Thank you "

Vincent D.

Ivyland, PA
"I used ihire and they helped me with job alerts and many of them worked out. I had 5 serious offers within 3 weeks and accepted one with a medical software firm that I didn't see on any other site."

John B.

Virginia Beach, VA
"You were a great resource for employment options, keeping me apprised of what was out there with which companies."


Randolph, MA
"I have received calls within 48 hours of this service. WOW! It really works."

Tr V.

"I used the basic cover letter service on and within the hour my phone was ringing off the hook! It lasted for weeks. What a great service they provide for people looking for work. If you happen to be looking for work, it always takes the wind out of you a little and makes life a little tough. You send your resume off to all the big job search boards and they don't even have the common courtesy of a chain email telling you if they are interested or not. It made me feel like I actually had some qualifications that people might be interested in. It was a morale booster during a tough time. "

Jake D.

Woodinville, WA
"I would like to thank you very much for distributing my resume, as it opened up a lot of doors and I have landed a new career as a manager."

Craig M.

"I had more calls than I could handle. Thank you, iHire."

Winslow R.

Tallahassee, FL
"It worked to get me my dream job! I "

Kevin G.

Elkhorn, WI
"Found a great job. Thanks."

Henry F.

San Diego, CA
"I find the site to be easy to navigate through and I've already identified at least a dozen jobs that I'm interested in and were not on all the other job sites. I'm excited for my next big opportunity!"

Karrin P.

Montclair, NJ
"During my job search I have procured a job offer from a leading company in my industry. "

Scott M.

Minneapolis, MN
"I found the jobs search to be a pretty close fit to my criteria. That was a difficult task, as I was looking for different aspects of sales (account management, client services and administrative duties) in different industries."


Alfred, ME
"I am pleased with the fact that you have provided this opportunity to search and apply for great jobs via your company. Thank you so much for the chance to be considered for jobs which I feel are commensurate with my interests, abilities, and aptitudes. "

Joyce S.

Jacksonville, FL
"I found this website to have great postings on positions."

Chessie H.

Sarasota, FL
"After less than a month, I received an offer for a huge company with national name recognition and wonderful benefits, along with work/life balance that truly allows you to appreciate your career. Thank you iHireSalesPeople!"

Stephen C.

Chicago, IL
"Great for pointer on my resume."

Jonas L.

Framingham, MA
"I am very pleased to have come in contact with iHireSalesPeople. The job search is very strong and positive anything you need and can look for it's here. Anyone looking should look no more........"

Jerry M.

"Since signing up with your program I have had about 15 responses in 48 hours I must say, that many responses is very impressive. That has given me a great pool to draw from and also allows me to be very selective in my choices. "

Judd W.

San Jose, CA
"I received a job offer from ERC .I hire helped with the process . So thank you for your time and effort . "

Sheryl B.

Clive, IA
"You provided a wonderful service. Thank you!"

Springfield, OR
"I have gotten many interviews and phone calls from being on this site."

Allan G.

"I received one call today in less than 6 hours of your faxing my resume. I have an interview scheduled already. Thanks for a great service! "

Darlene R.

Berlin, NH
"IHire Sales People has given me plenty of options and information that has helped guide me to my current job offer!"

Sean F.

Park Ridge, IL
"After I registered with, I was immediately matched to a dozen sales jobs in my commuting area. I also received emails for new jobs just listed on the site several times throughout the week. I replied to one of the job listings the day after I registered, and 24 hours later I had an interview. I am starting this new job...! Being able to answer questions about my qualifications for that particular job online was like having a mini interview. I see how the employer saves time and money screening candidates this way. It is also better than going to an interview "cold" only to discover the job is not a match after all. I would use this site again if I am ever looking for a job, and would definitely use it if I am ever in a position to hire staff!"

Nicki O.

Benicia, CA
"iHireSalesPeople was an excellent source for information on career opportunities."

Jeffrey T.

Harrisonburg, VA
"I only applied for 3-4 jobs on your website, was contacted by 3 employers and have already had 3 interviews and 2 offers. Very solid, reliable source for job search.... I've accepted the 2nd offer....Thank you Ihiresalespeople for being a "cut above" the rest, so that I didn't have to tirelessly weed thru thousands of irrelevant jobs and submit hundreds of resumes with zero results....This site is well worth the money invested!"

Debra M.

Glen Allen, VA
"Was with Ihire less then 2 weeks and found a Pharmaceutical job with great pay and benefits. I would never have found it without the great tips on my resume. Thank you so much. "

Vincent M.

Cabool, MO
"I love what you guys are doing and how good the searches are going and hope to get a job soon."

Latrice J.

Lincolnwood, IL
"At first I was skeptical, thinking this is just another job search website that is like the rest that I've been working with to find a job for the last 6 months... and to my surprise I was hooked up with a new job the first day of my trial membership. Thank you!"

Lisa C.

Huntington Beach, CA
"I had seven interviews with in one week of listing on your site and was hired the next week. I did not get one interview from any other job site and I registered on several including Monster, Careerbuilder, SFGate, Hotjobs, etc. Thank you iHireSalesPeople, you did the job!!!!"

Mikkel M.

El Granada, CA
"Found amazing opportunity that was a perfect fit to my experience. One I would not have found on main stream sites "

Kimberly K.

Ringwood, NJ
"I would like to first say thank you very much for your quality services. I am not able to give you a true success story, but I will give you this information -- I have been looking for a job for 6 weeks now using all the normal avenues - major websites, local and regional newspapers and even recruiters. I have attained a total of 7 interviews during this time period and several more phone calls of companies that did not seem very attractive to pursue furthur. Since Monday (two days ago) which is when your fax started to arrive, I have received over 30 phone calls and have scheduled 8 interesting interviews. I will have more tomorrow because I have not had the chance to contact everyone because there have been so many quality leads provided. So, it is starting off well and I will keep you informed of my future progress. Thank you again for your help!!"

Edward P.

Highland Lakes, NJ
"This was my 3rd professional job search in 14 years. I have always used multiple online job boards in these searched. Typically using this method had landed the right position for me with 6 weeks to 90 days. Casting a wide net seems to be the best practice for me. "

Brent C.

Simpsonville, SC
"I do like the iScore feature when applying for jobs listed on the website. It helps with crafting cover letters and tweaking the resume accordingly for specific jobs and companies."

Marc P.

"This site really works! I found a great position through this site that was exactly what I was looking for. The salary was greater than expected and that was an unexpected surprise!!!"

Rowland R.

Chalfont, PA
"I enjoyed seeing all the opportunities available."

Michael C.

Rochester, NH
"I am very pleased with your site. I have had more phone calls from your site in 2 days than I have had with most sites in one year. You have been a great help."

Steve S.

"This is by far the most useful site for job seekers, nothing else compares...The best..."

George M.

Avon, MA
"I'm grateful for the time and patience your team has put towards my finding a new career. It has not been taken for granted. Your assistance is one of the better sites I have used. I have really liked the scoring tool you have on iHireRetail. Pretty handy gadget! Thanks Mark R. Ford. "

Mark F.

Saint George, UT
"Just a quick note to let you know I found a job thanks to you. I was a little overwhelmed with the responses. I took one of the first opportunities with LeBleu Water of Fayetteville as it met my needs. Thanks for the help."

Mark H.

Fayetteville, NC
"Thank you for the faxed letter as I submitted my registration on Sunday night and by Monday night I have received eight (8) responses."

Paul R.

Reseda, CA
"I am very pleased with your site. As I am looking for sales only positions, the site is easy to use, and I especially like the e mail notifications feature. I have been on 2 interviews since I started using the site and this is very good for me."


Marietta, GA
"I wanted to express my total satisfaction with I have had my resume on; Monster, Hotjobs, Careerbuilder and 3 others. I have received more feedback and response on my resume in 2 days than all of those others combined in 7 months. I was totally shocked to have received 16 replies in 2 days, the recruiters actually called me on the phone! I'm usually very skeptical, but this is the real deal. This exceeded my expectations 10 times over! If others don't use this service, they really don't know what they're missing. Keep up the great work!"


Little Elm, TX
"Helped me be aware of types of jobs out there, currently hiring."

Kevin W.

Rockmart, GA
"Opened my mine to other avenues "

Dan s.

Chicago, IL
"I received a job opportunity from a sales company and received a job offer with them, and am very happy!"

Patty S.

Havertown, PA
" Fantastic, I have tried many others and iHire is the ONLY one to use!"

George M.

Avon, MA